Oct 11


You got to have strong cardio muscle to handle woman who wears the Nurse Heart Breaker Costume.  The sexy nurse costume comes with a top piece, ruffled skirt with attached apron, nurse hat and belt.  A sweet and sexy costume to wear for hospital related Halloween party theme.

Oct 7

Dreamgirl Women's Hippity Hop 3 Pc Bra and Garter Set

Words you use define your personality a lot.

“I am not dirty minded.  I just have a sexy imagination.”

I really like this sentence a lot.  The costume you wear is sexy or not is totally depending on the viewer’s perception.  Try this Hippity Hop 3 Pieces Bra and Garter Set which includes bra, thong, garter belt, tail and ears to trigger the sexy imagination of your partner.

Please note that the set is mainly made of nylox and spandex so only suitable for dry clean.


Oct 6
Triceratops Dog Costume
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A super duper adorable dinosaur headpiece costume for your dog!  The triceratops costume has three horns which add coolness to your dog.  There is a velcro strap which fixes the headpiece onto your dog.  There are several sizes available for the Triceratops Dog Costume.

Sep 14

Sexy Sheer Blue Harem Girl Belly Dance Costume Lingerie Set

Looking for ideas to spice up your love life?  Sometimes a few pieces of clothes help in boosting relationship.  The Sexy Sheer Blue Harem Girl Belly Dance Costume Lingerie Set – One Size includes a blue mesh top and skirt, matching headpieces and g-string panties.  It will fit your body to show the necessary curves and edges.  Putting on a gold cuff will complete the sexy illusion.

Aug 1


Halloween Season is coming in another two months.  Teddykin is a stuffed toy pumpkin in disguise of Teddy Bear.  The beanie baby features a teddy bear as orange as a pumpkin and a pumpkin face on its stomach.  The teddy also has hair which is the pumpkin leave.

Jul 25


Daenerys Targaryen wore this Qarth outfit in the season two finale of Game of Thrones.  If you are preparing to go into battle and crown the name of “Mother of Dragons”, you can get the polyester dress from $30 to $50 (depending on the size).  There are three sizes available, which are small (size 4-6), medium (size 8-10) and large (size 12-14).  The Adult Barbarian Warrior Sexy Costume includes faux leather dress with gold trim along the shoulders, waist and skirt.  The tanned skirt also has opening at the right to reveal the sexy leg.

women-b arbarian-warrior-fantasy-halloween-costume

Jul 24


The LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter is an absolute game for the kids. It takes the fighters to the stars in classic X-wing Starfighter. The wings fold into attack mode has retractable landing gears, proton torpedoes and the opening cockpit. This is the most remembered and unique vehicle of the star wars universe returns, to attack the evil empire with full force and vigor.

Contents in the game

  • Includes four mini figures; Jek Porkins, Luke Skywalker, R5-D8 and R2-D2
  • 1 weapon, X-wing Starfighter and 1 lightsaber
  • X-wing Starfighter with landing gear that is retractable, proton torpedoes, two of them and opening wings that fold in attacking mode

Product detail

  • Origin: imported from Japan
  • Manufacturer: Lego
  • Dimension of the product: 18*2.9*11.1
  • Model code: 4654338
  • Recommended age: 8- 14years
  • Price: $ 59.99

The game is fantastic and will be loved by the Star Wars fans. It is exciting and keeps the kids occupied in the game. The game includes many accessories which are difficult to get otherwise.

Jul 23


LEGO Star Wars Episode 1: Darth Maul Sculpture is the ultimate product for your LEGO Star Wars collection. The LEGO Star Wars Darth Maul Sculpture will grab the attention of everyone. The product is available with Amazon.com and only one piece is left. The Shipping charges are $8.49, so without wasting a single minute place your order.

Cost - $1,499.99

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions – (4.7 X 18.9 X 22.5) inches
  • Weight – 8 pounds
  • Suggested Age – 14 yrs. & above


  • There are 1860 LEGO pieces in this product.
  • Each piece of it gives a detailed feature to the sculpture of Darth Maul.
  • The product comes with a detailed instruction booklet.
  • You need to follow each instruction in the same manner as it is give because any mistake will damage the beauty of structure.
  • Once completed the statue stands 17” tall.
  • The bright colors of the sculpture add life to it.
Jul 22


This book, LEGO Play Book: Ideas to Bring Your Bricks to Life, has been created following the success of ‘The LEGO Ideas Book’; it encourages the kids to create something new and innovative. The book provides 200 different types of ideas to inspire the LEGO fans. The book encourages the children to create amazing LEGO models of their own. The book has been divided into three levels keeping the age limit in mind, simple medium and complex. The book provides intelligent tricks to utilize the blocks usefully.

The book consists of three different ways of creating models, ‘ten-minute building’ for a quick play session, a ‘cool brick ‘ , ways to use the main LEGO bricks and ‘handful of bricks’ , this gives useful ways to utilize fewer number of bricks.

Product details

  • Publisher: DK CHILDREN
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimension: 10.8*9.2*0.9
  • Age limit: 7-15 years
  • Grade: 2 to 10 years
  • Price: $14.12

The LEGO Play Book gives playful and easy ideas to create your own LEGO figure. The book not just provides ideas to build new figures but also to utilize the blocks.

Jul 21


LEGO Ninjago: Character Encyclopedia published by D.K. publishing, and marketed by Amazon.com, available in Kindle and Hardcover both. Containing a minifigure, for your child to put together and learn about characters. All characters are different and very unique, to educate little ninjas about their favorite masters. This presents a whole world of Ninjas, in different colors, vehicles, weapons, and locations, creating a world of its own. Some other addition of various events of animated series of cartoon network show, make it a perfect collection book for every ninja lover. Lego logo is the trademark of Lego group 2012, and produced under license from them.

Product Details

  • Age group: 6-12 years
  • Grade level: 1-7
  • Hardcover: 176 pages
  • Publisher: D.K. children
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 1.2×7.5×9.5 inches


Presents a real world of minifigures for those who love ninja characters and loves to have a collection of them. Everything is in detail describing each character associating with their weapons vehicles and locations.

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