Jun 30
Drink A Diamond Glass Set
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drink a diamond glass set

Imagine a golden whiskey, smoothing jazz music and a sexy partner.  The light is reflecting in a dim room from these faceted glasses.  Just two of you.  A diamond moment.  The diamond glass set has two glasses.  The set is selling for $34.

Jun 29


Cooking is a fun activity.  Adding more fun to it is not a sin.  The safari animal cookie cutter is a fun way to mold cookies in adorable 3-D animal shapes.  The most thrilling part is not cutting cookies, but it is the moment you purchase the cutter as the cookie cutters are blind-picked.  The animals available are hippo, elephant, lion and giraffe.  If you want all of them, you need to be really lucky.  The cutter measures 13.5cm x 22cm x 1.5cm.  The cost is £7.99.

Jun 28

Invicta Women's Sapphire Lady Diver 7067

Invicta Women’s Sapphire Lady Diver 7067 is a beautiful and accurate Swiss-quartz movement watch.  Its rose gold dial comes with luminous silver tone white hands and hour markers.  The watch is in rose gold colour which is rich and warm. It is also water resistant up to 660 feet with 22mm stainless steel case and bracelet with 18k rose gold ion-plated stainless steel center links.  The round analog watch has a gold-over clasp with safety.

Jun 27

wool mens heavyweight large trapper hat

Summer is the best time to buy cheap warm hat.  This large trapper hat‘s outer shell is made of 30% supreme wool and 70% poly while the inner shell is made of 35% acrylic and 65% polyester.  It has a pigeon logo at the back center of the head but it does not affect the look of the hat.  The large hat has extra thick and soft faux fur.  Perfect for people with large head.

Jun 26

Vanity Fair Women's Coloratura Short Gown

Vanity Fair Women’s Coloratura Short Gown received more than 500 positive reviews on Amazon.com.  The nightgown is 100% made of comfortable nylon finished with a floral embellishment at the neckline.  The gown is very soft and light which is easy to pack for travels.  The wearers also reviewed that the gown is silk smooth and not too warm to wear.  The sleepwear may be opaque but there are a variety of colours and sizes to choose from.


Jun 25

Kenneth Cole New York Men's Double or Nothing Fashion Sneaker

Colors: Black Neoprene, Black Pony, Bordo Pony, Brown Waver, Grey, Black Leather and Brown.

Shades: No shades

Fabric Material: Leather


  • 7 D(M) US and its partner size 7.5 D(M) US.
  • 8 D(M) US and its closer size 8.5 D(M) US
  • 9 D(M) US and its partner size 9.5 D(M) US
  • 10 D(M) US and its closer size 10.5 D(M) US
  • 11 D(M) US and its closer size 11.5 D(M) US
  • 12 D(M) US
  • 13 D(M) US
  • 14 D(M) US
  • 15 D(M) US
  • 16 D(M) US

Quality Type: Imported and Rubber Sole

Design Type: Shaft of 2.5inches distant from arch


  • Slip on shoes
  • Logo on the Heel
  • Wraparound rubber sole
  • Toe Bumper


Kenneth Cole New York Men’s Double or Nothing Fashion Sneaker is one of the best sneakers that have been introduced by the shoe companies. This fashion sneaker bears a lot of superb features that will make you feel excited. The specifications of this branded shoe include the designs on it. The design and beauty is perfect as one of the examples include the logo on the heels. In addition to that the rubber sole seems perfect for the athletes and players who would like to play in the ground and would never like to get hurt by the poor quality of shoes. No one would compromise on the quality of the material and the longevity of the shoe.


Kenneth Cole New York Men’s Double or Nothing Fashion Sneaker is one of the only shoes that have been introduced I a large range of sizes that vary from the smallest size of seven and then exceeding to the maximum size of 16 The question arises that how can a shoe be available for a huge size and what is the reason behind it? The simple solution is the size range helps the people who have been blessed with the irregular or unordinary feet sizes. The logo on each shoe indicates that it is genuinely designed by the brand.

Fabric Material:

Kenneth Cole New York Men’s Double or Nothing Fashion is one of the members of shoes who fit place with the coolest brands ever in the shoe niche so no one would like to lose a chance of buying a super cool shoe that belongs to the same kind of brand. The fabric material of this particular shoe pair is leather and it has a rubber sole. So you would be quite surprised by wearing such a cozy shoe.


Kenneth Cole New York Men’s Double or Nothing Fashion Sneaker has diverse design stipulations. The design includes the smart logo which is the freshness of a shoe. This smart shoe is fashionable in the sense that the position of logo is amazingly decided by the designer, the logo is located right at the top of its heel.


The colors in which this slip on shoe is available includes Black Neoprene, Black Leather, Black Pony, Bordo Pony, Brown Waver, Grey and Brown.

Jun 24


Do you know that you can actually buy a tank online?  Yes we mean the armoured vehicle.  Mortar Investments is a global dealer based in Prague and specialised in selling armoured vehicles for civilian purposes.  The website is selling post-soviet military vehicles of Russia, Czech, Slovak, Polish and Hungary.

BMP is known as “The Boosting Kings of the Driving Range!”.  BMP-1 was designed by P. P. Isakoy and first used in 1967.  It is a light tank that can move quickly.  BMP-1 served in nine wars, which are Yom Kippur, Angola, Afghanistan, Iranian-Iraqi war, The Gulf, Yugoslavia, Chechen wars, Iraq.

Mortar Investments is selling BMP-1 (BVP-1) with a turret for $38,965.  The BMP-1 tank is fully operational:

  • working turret
  • deactivated cannon
  • 1700 km run
  • 115 engine hours
  • English manuals included
  • 13.5 tonnes
  • 6.74m x 2.94m x 2.15x
  • Fits 3 crew and up to 8 passengers
  • 33mm armour (max)
  • Primary armament is 73mm smoothbore gun (2A28) AT-3/4/5 ATGM
  • Secondary armament is 7.62mm machine gun (PKT)
Jun 23
Crocs Men’s Walu Loafer
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Color Combinations: Charcoal and Light Grey, Espresso and Clay, Stucco and Khaki.

Shades: No shades

Fabric Material: Textile


  • 8 D(M) US
  • 9 D(M) US
  • 10 D(M) US

Quality Type: Imported and Synthetic sole

Made in USA

Type & Style: Slip on Shoes


Crocs Men’s Walu Loafer are one of the amazing shoes available now a days. Each and every shoe is enhanced with a lot of features that are quite attractive. People can look into the details of this very shoe online or through Amazon.com which will be very fruitful. The details of every shoe and its corresponding related items are easily accessible via internet and you will be astonished to know that every brand has put it’s effort at best to get a new superb shoe design. Embellished with the neat stitches, perforated canvas and a lot more. The color combinations are selected by considering the choice of every person. So keep checking out the details and enjoy the shoes that have been Made in USA.


Crocs Men’s Walu Loafer are the slip on shoes that were available in seven different sizes which included the range from 7 D(M) Us to the 11D(M) US but now the stock has left with only three sizes while the rest of them are sold. These include 8 D(M) US and a larger one with size tag of 9 D (M) and the largest among available sizes is 10 D(M). There is not any use of fighting to get the larger sizes because they are out of stock. You can’t even argue for the smaller size 7 D(M) but you can indeed check out the available sizes for sure.

Fabric Material:

Crocs Men’s Walu Loafer has a fabric material of textile. The most amazing news about all of the Crocs shoe pairs is that they have the name of the shoes on them which is really an amazing point. Indeed it is great for the users and clients to have the fame along with the comfort and ease. The shoes are designed with a decent and graceful touch. People always run to have the name of the brand and it is indeed a great pleasure and honor to wear shoes of a high brand.


Crocs Men’s Walu Loafer has a simple design because the name of the brand is enough to be on the side of shoes. In addition to its simple design, the logo and the two button shaped on the sides are great too.


Crocs Men’s Walu Loafer are available in three contrasting color combinations. Each has its own uniqueness and a perfect style. The Charcoal and Light Grey suits best to the aged people and graceful ones who like a sweet and decent color to wear on feet, while Espresso and Clay are supposed to be for those who are at the middle age while the simple and yet beautiful Stucco and Khaki color combination can be put on by any one. Either a teenager or the young one.

Jun 22

CK Jeans Men's Chet Canvas and Suede Fashion Sneaker

Color Combinations: Black, Dark Brown.

Shades: No shades

Fabric Material: Synthetic sole


  • 10 D(M) US
  • 11 D(M) US
  • 11.5 D(M) US

Quality Type: Imported and Synthetic sole

Design Type: Padded Collar


  • Slip on Shoes
  • Fashion Sneaker


  • Canvas or Suede
  • Mixed material with canvas quarters
  • Suede trim
  • Padded collar
  • Perforated Leather vamp


CK Jeans Men’s Chet Canvas and Suede Fashion Sneaker has been introduced in shoe niche. You can not compare and have a contrast of this shoe with any other. It is designed with such a perfection and neatness that even the designers got amazed. The surprising situation is just in front of you. You can have an idea about how does it take to check the features of a branded shoe. Now a days, a couple of replicas come into the market right after a few days of the original one but still there is difference. People who have a habit to wear branded shoes can easily judge the comfort of a shoe, the sewing stitches and every single thing too.


CK Jeans Men’s Chet Canvas and Suede Fashion Sneaker is available in three sizes. Though it was initially launched in a total of five different sizes but later on it came into the knowledge that two of them are out of stock. So we will enlist the available sizes for your ease and avoiding any misunderstandings. These sizes include the 10 D(M) US, the larger number is 11 and its close enough 11.5 D(M) US. One can check out the size as the size of shoes vary, depending on the brand’s name.

Fabric Material:

CK Jeans Men’s Chet Canvas and Suede Fashion Sneaker has a synthetic sole. The sole is perforated and bears a cool design. The shoes are embodiment of a number of features and one would definitely love to wear these cool and smart shoes.


CK Jeans Men’s Chet Canvas and Suede Fashion Sneaker is the one that attracts customers by a first gaze at it. People then keep on staring at the sole, the design and the pretty design on it. The canvas is one of the best features of this shoe. In addition to the canvas, other features include the suede trim, the gorgeous leather vamp that is perforated too. It even includes the padded collar.

Everything has its significant importance and people will love to have it.


CK Jeans Men’s Chet Canvas and Suede Fashion Sneaker is available in two different colors which include the men’s favorite dark brown color that goes in contrast with most of the suits and the decent black color which has its own grace.

People have a deep interest in purchasing shoes that have a perfect design and a unique stylish stitches. They die hard for buying a shoe that has a durability to keep working for a longer time duration. It enhances the importance of the shoe and its designers. The brands get fame and popularity if its shoes are preferred over others.

Jun 21


Etsy is an online marketplace with a lot of gifts for people who have everything.  This is one hell of a funny gift for a smoker.

No emergency number is provided.  The emergency case only contains a fake cigarette and lighter in a frame covered with glass.  On the glass, the sign is printed:



Each smoker emergency case is handmade  The box is measured 6″ x 8″.  There are two color choices for the frame, which are black or white.  You have more background colors to pick from, which are papyrus, marble, teal, blue, yellow, green, red, violet, and pink.  The smoker emergency box is priced $20.

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