Nov 25
A Very Zombie Christmas
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Christmas is always very cheerful.  However there is a dark side to it.  Joe Wight, Fred Perry, and David Kutchison put together a collection of creepy Christmas tales.  At the back of “A Very Zombie Christmas” it writes:

Twas the fright before Christmas, after the boarding up the house;

Rotting corpses were stirring, including my spouse;

The ammo was hung by the chimney with care, in case zombie St. Nicholas lumbered through there;

The weapons were muzzled when fired at the dead, the kids sniped the rotters through their foreheads.


Nov 25


Donald Trump is getting crazier on Sunday by accusing Arab neighborhoods in New Jersey celebrating the collapse of the Twin Towers.  Trump claimed he saw the celebration on television.  Whether or not you think Donald Trump is running a hate campaign against a certain group of people, this set of stickers may be useful.

  • Trump-lovers: you can stick it anywhere you want.
  • Trump-haters: stick them on dart board.

There are 3 trump stickers in each set.  Each sticker measures approximately 1.5″ in size.  They are sold at $1.50 per set from Etsy.

Nov 24


Donald Trump released his new round of radio campaign in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina with the promises to “bomb the hell out of ISIS”.  This is quite a tough statement.  If you support Donald Trump to be the president of year 2016, this is a perfect t-shirt for you with Donald Trump 2016 election campaign slogan “Make America Great Again!”.  The price of the shirt starts from $9.85.

Nov 24


An Undead Christmas: A Zombie Anthology” is another Zombie themed Christmas book edited by Anthony Giangregorio after:

From the cover, we can figure out the stories may be gruesome.  The book cover features Santa Claus turned into a zombie with one of its leg broken in the middle of the snow ground.  I wonder how many more books are there relating to Christmas Zombies.

Nov 23


A spacious gift wrap storage bag to neatly keep your rolls of wrapping paper, ribbons and other accessories.  The PVC storage bag measures 37″ x 14″ x 4″.  The maximum length of wrapping paper roll it can hold is 36″.  There are many compartments with clear vinyl in the bag for you to organize different things.  Just one thing to highlight is the bag may not be as sturdy as it looks in the picture.

Nov 22


Another Christmas book with zombie theme edited by Anthony Giangregorio titled “A Very Dead Christmas: A Zombie Anthology“.  The stories are mainly written by Kelly M Hudson and Daniel Loubier.  Just like the other zombie Christmas book, the book collects stories involving zombie Santa, zombie reindeer, and elves.  Do you know that one way to prevent invasion by Zombie Santa is through starting a fire at the fireplace?  This prevents zombie Santa from climbing into the chimney.  You may not cheer for the holiday after reading the book, but scream!

Nov 21


Donald Trump just does not care how people look at him.  It is like his hairstyle which will sometimes go in weird direction without making him embarrassed.  The same principle was used in many political occasions, such as making comment that Democrats send Syrian refugees to states with Republican governors.

This bad hair day Donald Trump tee is handmade in Alabama, United States.  The tee features Donald Trump with his hair pointing in a curvy direction.  The tee costs $19.99.


Nov 20


Christmas is Dead: A Zombie Anthology“, which is edited by Anthony Giangregorio, compiles stories of zombie apocalypse with Christmas theme.  The actions in these zombie stories are refreshing and engaging.  The book also inspired the readers on looking at Christmas differently.  One story actually explains why Santa Claus can live for so long.  It is because he’s a zombie!  There are also other zombie tales involving zombie reindeer and zombie turkey.  The authors who contributed to the anthology are:

  • Scott Baker
  • Rob Rosen
  • Rick Moore
  • Keith Luethke
  • Anthony Giangregorio
  • Peter Naggi
  • Tom Hamilton
  • Marc Wiggins
  • Lance Looper
  • Sean Grigsby
  • Kevin Cockle
  • Kelly Hudson
  • Paul Snider
  • Val Muller
  • Jack Burton
  • David Bernstein
Nov 19

2015-11-18 17_12_18-Amazon.com_ TeeStars - Big Trex Santa Ugly Christmas Sweater - Children Funny Ki

What does the dinosaur say? Rawrrrr~~~

The T Rex of this tee is not ugly at all.  In fact I personally find it very cute.  The short sleeve t-shirt features a pixel drawing white T Rex wearing Santa hat.  It seems to be attempting to catch the “snows” (white dots and flakes).

The Big Trex Santa Ugly Christmas Children T-Shirt is suitable for every occasion and situation (e.g. in Jurassic Park).  There are several cheerful colours to choose from, e.g. black, California blue, grey, green, navy, pink.  Various sizes are also available from toddler to junior.  The quality is made with 100% premium combed-cotton (preshrunk) and the printing is done exclusively in the USA with latest garment printing technology.

Nov 18
Empty Toilet Paper Rolls
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eBay is such a bizarre marketplace that you can find a lot of weird things to buy.  Can you believe that people actually sell used empty toilet paper rolls there?  If you think that is ridiculous, please go to and search for “empty toilet paper rolls” yourself.  The price range of the empty rolls are very wide.  For example, 100 empty rolls bidding price can start from $7 to $54.

Empty toilet paper rolls may be worthless to most people, but they are good for arts and craft s.  Pinterest has a board on “1001 Things To Do With Empty Toilet Paper Rolls” and some of the cardboard tubes projects look really good.  You can turn them into Christmas decorations, snakes, penguins, crackers holder (yucks!), birthday crowns, gardening, etc.  It is totally up to your imaginations or you can simply roll the toilet papers back.

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