Feb 29


If you are looking for a start pots, Jiffy Pots which is 4″ in diameter and 3 5/8″ tall is a great pot to raise plants from seeds.  This pot is also great for plants which does not fit in other starter pots but not ready to go into the ground yet.  It is recommended not to over water the pots as mold will grow.  Great product for gardener by using the peat pot to let your seedlings sprout.

How to use the peat pot?

  1. Place Jiffy-Pots into a Jiffy plant tray
  2. Fill with Premium Seed Starting Jiffy-mix
  3. Water thoroughly – enough to saturate walls of the pot
  4. Plant seeds according to directions on seed packet
  5. To harden off plants, place in shade outside for several days (bring plants in at night).  Gradually expose to full sunlight
  6. To transplant, plant “pot and all” making sure peat pot is completely covered by garden soil.  Water thoroughly

Price: $5.10

Feb 15


This tomato may appear rotten, but its blackness is totally natural.  Black Sea Man Tomato (lycopersicon lycopersicum) is a Russian Heirloom tomato.  The plant of black sea man tomato has potato-leaf.  When the tomato is ripe, it will appear in brown and army green colour.  The tomato is suitable for sandwiches and salad.  It is very meaty with complex and intense tomato flavor.  The blacksea man tomato is very easy to grow with low maintenance required.  It is advisable to position the plant in a full sun location with moderate watering.  It takes 69 to 80 days for the plant to grow if you buy the packet of Black Sea Man Tomato Seeds of 10.

Price: $1.90

Feb 14
Miyaya Unicorn Mask
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2016-02-08 22_32_30-Amazon.com_ Miyaya® Horse Mask, Unicorn Mask Collection (Unicorn Mask)_ Clothing

A really happy looking Unicorn Mask produced by Miyaya.  The unicorn mask is made of sculpted latex and faux hair.  It is so happy looking that it looks creepy, but as we all know one’s popularity in a party is directly correlated to the creepiness of the mask.  There is only one size available but it fits most people’s head (unless your head is really big).  The wearer can see through mask’s mouth and nose’s holes (and we are not expecting you having the horse eyes to look through that two blue eyes).

Warning: Rubber smell comes with the mask as well, in case you don’t like it.

Price: $16.99

Feb 14


This is the Number 1 bestseller under Amazon’s Cacti and Succulent Plant session.  Succulent plants are sometimes known as fat plant as the have parts which are thick with flesh.  This set of succulents consisted of different plant.  Each plant will be rooted in soil in separate 2 inch pots.  You can decide how to display them to fit your environment’s overall decoration.  All the 20 succulents still need water and sun to survive, so please do take care of them with delicate care.  It might not be a good ideas to have them in cold environment.

Feb 13
Domo Kun Key Cap
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If you are looking for a distinctive key chain and happen to be a Domo-lover, this Domo-kun key cap is a perfect gift for yourself.  The 100% officially licensed accessory features Domo-kun face as key cover.  It is made of durable plastic attached to a metal keyring.

Price: $6.05

Feb 13
Horse Head Pillow Case
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This is a gruesome gift, but a novelty gift for the movie Godfather fans.  It features a white pillow case with bloody black horse head.  The Godfather horse head pillow case is made of smooth cotton with poly blend.  Although it is not a real horse head, it is still thrilling just to think of a horse head on the bed.  It is a recreation of the most iconic scene in American film history.


Feb 12
Domo Kun Fuzzy Dice Plush
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Are you running out of drinking game ideas?  Here is a suggestion.  Get this pair of Domo Kun Fuzzy Dice Plush and roll them (rather than hanging them in your car).  Whoever gets one Domo big mouth face up (with two dots as eyes) will drink one shot, whilst those who get both Domo-kun faces drink two shots.  The dice are very soft so it will withstand the clumsiness of drunkards.


Feb 12


Are you bored of those realistic horse head mask that covers your face?  There’s a wear to put a horse head on your head without compromising your “face time”.  The horse head hat is an adorable brown plush horse head with black mane.  However the hat’s size is small (15″ x 12″ x 3″) and may only fits children age 8 year old and below.

Feb 11


Another vintage item from 1950s which is in good condition.  This is a shoe horn made of black plastic.  It also has a horse head handle which is made with same material as the shoe horn.  There is a gold thread bridled to the horse head.  The 12″ long shoespooner will help you slipping your feet into the shoes easily.

Price: $7.43

Feb 11


Nebula is a cloud of dust and gas in outer space.  The astronomical object is visible in the night sky such as horsehead nebula, which forms a dark cloud with resemblance of a horse’s head.  Horsehead nebula can come with various colour.  This Horsehead Nebula with orange outer space photo pendant is an ideal gift for astronomy geek.  The photo is sealed under a high quality water resistant glass dome (not water proof).  The pendant is 1″ in diameter.  The price of the jewelry is $10.99.

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