Jun 12
12 Faces Vase Set
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As my vocabulary is limited, the only word I could use to describe this faces vase set is “CUTE”.

Spin Ceramics is specialized in designing and making ultra-modern Chinese porcelain and stoneware design.  The 12 faces vase set features vases with funny emoticons.  The vases are handcrafted with porcelain.  The cost of the set is $293 which includes Tong wood box but not wooden tray.

Oct 18

Are you looking for a gift for cardiologist?  The Anatomical Heart in a Jar is a cute little miniature featuring a tiny anatomical heart placed within a hand blown glass jar.  The heart is exceptionally detailed, and it looks like floating in the middle of the jar.  The miniature measures approximately 1.75″ and they cost $95 each.

Sep 30

When you are bored with iPod, the Eyepod will gives you a moment of weird fun.  The eyepod pendant charm features eyeballs with different colours popping out from edamame.  The eyeballs are handmade from polymer clay.  The price for the weird EyePod pendant charm is $28 from Etsy.

Jul 13

This is a glass robot with measures 3″ tall.  The price for the robot which is made of glass only is selling at the price of $200.

Jan 16

Sometimes hanging something in your house will make your house less dull.  This small moon jellyfish is made of natural organic cotton, which is slightly darker than normal white cotton.  The organic cotton jellyfish can be hanged for display by attaching it with silken string.  The jellyfish measures 2.5″ x 6″.  The price is $19.70 and only one in stock.

Jan 7
Disc Jockey Sculpture
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If your loved one is enthusiastic about music, you can consider buying him or her this whimsical Disc Jockey Sculpture which is hand made by H & K App.  The selling price for the sculpture is $73.97.

Dec 31

For those anatomy lovers, this is a nicely sewn lungs in a small glass of jar.  The set of lungs is made of pure wool felt.  The jar is approximately 9.9cm x 6.5cm.  The price for the lungs specimen is $20 including jar.  Shipping price varies according to different destination.

Nov 18

Start from minimum amount of $20.00, you can order a handpaints custom sperm illustrated wallpaper, bedding, fabric, clothing, curtains, paintings, pot holders, lampshades, and shower curtains.  The design is chosen from 100’s of original designs by American Woman Artist & Safe Sex Education of advocate Bethann Shannon.

May 19

Have you ever wonder how to buy a gun online which is perfectly legal anywhere in this world?

Martin Postler designed AK-47 a.k.a. Avtomat Kalashnikov the papercraft assault riffle.  The assault riffle was developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1947.  The 7.62mm assault riffle was named after its inventor.  Kalash is the most widely used and popular assault rifles in the world after six decades due to its durability, low production cost and user-friendliness.

Martin Postler made the riffle legal to be sold online by turning it into a paper gun.  He sold the gun in a plastic bag containing five sheets and an instruction poster.  The gun builder can paint or customized the constructed gun in their own way.  If you’re gonna play with guns, use paper ones.  The price for a paper gun is € 19.90 or £ 17.50.

Jun 1
iPhone Bacon Case
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It is an unusual idea to make bacon into an iPhone case. From the picture, the case looks exactly like real bacon.

Anyone would go mad if the case is accidentally fried by someone.  I would not suggest this case to be anywhere near kitchen or the fridge, or be seen by your dog.  I wonder if bacon flavour comes with the case.

Currently there are nine in stocks, and each of them is sold at $35.00.


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